Dr. Cleddie Keith

Cleddie Keith serves as the Senior Pastor of Heritage Fellowship located in the greater Cincinnati area. He has been the senior pastor for 37 years. Heritage Fellowship is known worldwide as a regional hub to come and experience the presence of the Holy Spirit. Claiming the call on his life at the age of 19, Pastor has been working in the ministry for 55 years. 


In Texas, where Pastor called home during his childhood and teen years, he was the Director of Teen Challenge in Houston. He founded an intercity ministry that ministered to drug-dependent youth, school drop-outs and gang members. September 20th is recognized as Cleddie Keith Day in Houston, Texas for his significant contributions toward the betterment of the Houston community, earning the respect and admiration of those individuals who have been privileged to know and work with him. In 2007, Pastor Keith was presented the Pearl Award by the Hispanic Family Initiative of America for his courage, faith, hope and for his support of families around the world. 


His travels have taken him too many nations and under Pastor Keith’s leadership, ministries have been birthed around the world. His influence on pastor’s hearts has shown in the many boards he resides on for multiple Christian organizations’ including One by One, World Broadcasting, Destiny Image, CGIA, Calvary Commission, Our Savior’s Church, R. W. Shambach Evangelistic Ministries, Hope over Heroin and Palmyr’s Playhouse. 

Since 1994, weekly Friday night River Meetings have touched thousands of hungry hearts throughout the United States. The meetings have attracted many from all over the world. Known as a “Pastor to Pastors” many have come discouraged but have left refreshed and renewed, returning to their home churches where revivals break out with signs, wonders, miracles, and conversions. 


Pastor Keith has received many numerous awards and accolades in recognition of his ministry services. In 2015, Pastor Keith was honored by the United Graduate College and Semi-nary International School with an Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities. In August 2015, Pastor Keith was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the Golden Rule by The Interfaith Peace-Building Initiative. This honor is recognized by The European Union, The United Nations, and The African National Congress. 


Pastor Cleddie Keith has spent his life following His God Given Passion. He shares from his experiences of life which makes him a relevant communicator to the hour in which we live